• What is the Bond’s escape Room experience?
    Bond’s Escape Room Offers 4 room escape games with a wide variety of themes. You and your teammates will find yourselves in a room filled with puzzles and secrets with just one hour to make your escape. One puzzle will lead you in some way to another, then another, and so on until you’ve solved every secret. Whether you’re looking for something creepy or whimsical, easier or challenging, Bond’s Escape Room will provide the most innovative, exciting, and immersive games around.
  • Do your games require intense physical activity?
    The only muscle you need is your brain, though you may need to walk around the room, reach up, or bend down. Contact us if you need help with any specific concerns.
  • Am I really going to be locked in the room?
    Nope. You are free to leave the game at any time for any reason if you need to.
  • Do I need any special skills or knowledge to participate?
    Everything you need to solve the room will be found within the room.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    While we don’t offer refunds, we are able to reschedule events when given at least 24 hours notice.
  • Do I need to purchase all the tickets for a room in order to play?
    Your group can consist of as few as two people for the price of just those tickets, but if you purchase fewer tickets than the maximum, you may play with another group if they book for the same time.
  • Can I schedule a private event for our group alone?
    The only way to guarantee that your group will be the only people in the room is to purchase all of the tickets. If you are interested in an unlisted time, contact us and we may be able to arrange a special game.
  • Can I organize corporate team building and events at Escape Room DC?
    It’s one of our specialties! See our team building page for more information.
  • Who should I take with me to this game?
    Literally anyone. Bring your family, your date, your friends, or any combination of the three and you’ll have a good time.
  • Is it scary?
    Some of our rooms are a little on the creepy side, but we have plenty that are completely family friendly. If you have any questions about specific games, feel free to contact us.
  • Can claustrophobic people play?
    Depending on the severity of the player’s claustrophobia, their experience with the game might vary. However, thanks to the fact that the rooms are always supervised and players can request to leave the game at any point and for any reason, all of our claustrophobic guests have enjoyed the experience without issues.
  • Can pregnant women play?
    Yes. Some rooms may contain light jump scares, but most of our rooms are fine for most pregnant women. If you are concerned about a specific room, contact us and we may be able to make accommodations.
  • Can we have more than the designated max participants?
    If you book the entire room, yes. As a general rule, we can fit two more people than the max on our booking page, but it might be a tighter fit.
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