Mind challenging games

The puzzling, exhilarating experience you crave plus theater-grade effects, highly-advanced puzzles, and stories that begin the second you walk in the door.

Not just any old escape room

Bond’s Escape Room isn’t just an escape room, it’s an interactive show from the minute you walk in the door...

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Whether you want an activity for your next date, a family visit, a night out with your friends, or a corporate team-building event, our games will give you an unforgettable experience. Whether you and your group are in search of a challenging game or a movie-like immersive experience, we have a game for you.
Brain with Crown
Escape rooms are like brain-teasers brought to life. With just one hour to escape, you and your teammates need to think outside the box to solve a wide variety of themed puzzles to claim victory.
Team game
A successful escape requires cooperation, communication, and outside the box thinking. This makes us the perfect place to strengthen the “bonds” within your company, special group, or family.
Cool Hands
Bond’s Escape Room specializes in telling a story where you are the main character. With high-quality sets, theatrical tricks, and puzzles that fit the room’s theme, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world.
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4000 sq.ft
of extreme fun
top-rated escape bus in the US
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$27 per person Wallet Icon
Watch Icon 40 min
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Desk in Escape Room
2 to 6 people
60 minutes
$30 per person
2233:Fighting for the future
2 to 6 people
60 minutes
$30 per person
Dragon's Keep Castle
The Dragon’s Keep
2 to 6 people
60 minutes
$30 per person
Death by Chocolate
Death By Chocolate
2 to 10 people
60 minutes
$30 per person
Tooning in
Tooning In
2 to 10 people
60 minutes
$30 per person
Death by Chocolate
The Sleepover Slaughterhouse
2 to 8 people
60 minutes
$30 per person

Our group included two moms and five really bright kids (4 teenagers and a 10 year old). We had a blast! The clues were so tricky! We got more and more excited as we started to solve them. When we got stuck, we used the two-way radio to reach J.J. He was so nice, very encouraging and helpful. And we were able to solve the mystery with just 30 secs to spare. PHEW! It was fast-pace and high-energy all the way and we laughed all the way home! Fastest and most fun way to spend one hour!

Did Molly's bedroom and it was SO SPOOKY! The puzzles were clever and original and Kevin, the guy who got us set up, was very cool and funny! His hints were right on point too, giving us just enough info to get past whatever we were stuck on without giving away too much! We will definitely be back for another room!

We did the Molly’s Room for my husbands birthday. We had a blast! The customer service was great. We loved our guide Ouvi. The experience was cooler than I expected. You really get into solving the clues which were no doubt mind challenging! Can’t wait to do it again!

We did the Save the White House room with a group of 10 and had a great time! The room was definitely challenging but a lot of fun, and it was different from a lot of other escape rooms I've done. And Kevin was an A+ game master!

I look forward to trying more of their rooms.

I’ve been here on 2 separate occasions about a year apart and each time has been a great experience. The first time I was in the Joker room which was fun. I recently went for my 40th birthday (4/20/18) and tried the haunted room. It was really fun AND we made it out with 47 seconds to spare!! Our guide, Spencer, was really friendly and fun. I will definitely be back again to try another room and recommend them for your event, you won’t be disappointed.

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