Escape bus A transportable Escape Room

  • The escape room that comes to you!
  • Perfect for parties and on-site team-building events!
  • Fits up to eight at a time
  • Variable game length to accommodate groups of any size
You are facing life in prison, and you have one last shot at freedom. Will you take it?
As the bus you’re trapped on approaches ever closer to prison, you and your infamous gang of bank robbers feel your freedom slipping away, but what luck! The officer guarding you has come down with a nasty case of food poisoning. You know time is limited before reinforcements arrive, but this is your one chance to fly the coop before you become a jailbird for life. Decked out in a trendy orange jumpsuit and matching bracelets (well…handcuffs), can you make it off the Jail Bus?
top-rated escape bus in the US
Person Icon 8-40 ppl
$27 per person Wallet Icon
Watch Icon 40 min
Lightning Bolt Icon
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Transportation fee associated with the bus. Fee varies from location to location
Minimum tickets needed to be purchased: MON – FRI, SUN: 8 tickets / Saturday: 16 tickets.
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