Three Ways to Use Escape Room Games as A Fun Family Outing Over the Holidays

It’s becoming increasingly popular to try new family bonding activities especially over the holidays. One way to try something new is by playing an escape room game with your family! Everyone will be immersed in a themed room and will have to think creatively so that you all can successfully escape the room. What better way to spend a family-holiday outing than playing an adventurous escape room game in Northern VA?   At Bond’s Escape Room, you and your family will have to lean on one another for support to solve numerous puzzles and riddles to unlock doors and padlock combinations to escape a room. We have developed eight themed escape rooms in Fairfax and six rooms in Arlington that have enthralling storylines, which are enjoyable for everyone. Not to mention you will leave with much more than a fun time but will have improved the bonds between family members. We’ve compiled a list below of different ways you can use escape room games to bond with your family:

1. Strengthen Relationships

One of the best ways to bond with your family is by working through challenges together! It’s best to pair together those whose relationships aren’t as close. For example, if two siblings or friends tend to fight, placing them in a themed escape room game with one hour to escape will encourage them to communicate and work together. This will help the entire family solve the various puzzles efficiently, strengthen bonds, and increase their confidence.

2. Perfect Addition to Family Bonding Time

Playing an escape room game is just one of the many activities you and your family can do together. We recommend making a full day out of it and scheduling a time to play an escape room game before or after trying out that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at or watching a holiday movie. This will help keep everyone in high spirits to maintain a positive vibe throughout the day. Other ideas can include doing an activity that each family member chooses, that way everyone can learn more about each other and enjoy each other’s company!

3. Everyone Wins!

While the goal of an escape room game is to solve the puzzles inside, the ultimate purpose is to strengthen the bonds between everyone involved. If no one wins, there’s no need to fret! The process that everyone went through from beginning to end is what matters most, as it is sure to leave memories for everyone.      

Choose Bond’s Escape Room in Fairfax, VA As Your Next Family Bonding Activity

When you’ve grown tired of playing board games and charades for your family game night, change up your routine and play an escape room game! Bond’s Escape Room has hosted over 2,000 team building activity events and has been rated as one of the best interactive escape room experiences in the Northern Virginia area. You and your family will be sure to have a fun family night out. If you’re looking for new brain teasers for your family in Arlington, VA, we will be reopening our Arlington location in early 2019 with six newly themed escape rooms. Contact us at (703) 270-0377 to book your escape game at our Fairfax location today!