Celebrate the Holidays & Play an Escape Room Game

Holidays are a great time to get to know the ones you love better. While finding fun holiday activities everyone can enjoy may be difficult to accomplish, it can be made simple by playing an escape room game in Arlington, VA! Escape room games are immersive and can be customized according to your groups needs to provide the best experience possible. Don’t let this holiday season fly by without taking everyone on an adventure of escaping a room together. Bond’s Escape Room offers exciting holiday activities for people of all ages. With a variety of six escape room games offered here, everyone will be able to find something they enjoy. From creepy settings to mysterious story lines, there is a themed escape room game full of riddles and puzzles waiting to be solved. Below are just a few reasons why you should switch up your holiday activities with an escape room game.

A Fun Group Activity During The Holiday Season

Escape rooms are good for strengthening bonds with your family members. It allows everyone to work together as a team and communicate in different ways to successfully escape the room. At Bond’s Escape room, we offer a variety of different escape room games for you and your family to solve. Enter the Dragon’s Keep and find a magical sword in a faraway castle or visit a mysterious chocolate factory and uncover its dark secrets in Death by Chocolate. This party idea is sure to make a lasting impression on your entire team.

New Family Bonding Tradition

While family traditions are important especially around the holidays, keep in mind that as time passes traditions evolve and your family member’s interests change along with it. Create new traditions this year by playing an escape room game. Working together and challenging your communication and problem-solving skills can help improve relationships with the ones you love. With an insightful escape room challenge, you will be sure to take away memories you’ll never forget.

An Experience Everyone Will Remember

The holidays are about spending time with the people you love. In an escape room game, everyone will attempt to solve riddles and clues in one hour, which will ensure a thrilling holiday experience. Escape rooms are family-friendly and provides an unsolved mystery that you and your team must unravel together. Escape room games are great party ideas and allows you to make quick decisions in high pressure situations. Your team will enjoy getting out of the house and experiencing a new holiday group activity such as this!

Start Planning Your Fun Holiday Activities at Bond’s Escape Room Today!

With the holiday season approaching fast, let Bond’s Escape Room in Arlington, VA host your family this holiday season. Everyone will be able to enjoy solving complex puzzles and riddles that we’ve designed ourselves with you in mind. Guests of all ages are welcome to enjoy any of our six escape room game options that can be personalized for a much more memorable holiday experience. We also offer private parties so the entire family can focus on spending quality time with one another. Get started and reserve an escape room today! Contact us at 703-270-0377 to start planning your holiday festivities!